For sports injuries suffered by sports athletes
「inspection」「Technique」「Taping by symptom」released!

"The strongest taping available on the spot"to introduce.

If there is at least one athlete among the patients
please learn this taping technique.

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Instructor introduction


Keiichi Yamada

Born November 1, 1973, 43 years old Scorpion AB type
Born from Adachi-ku, Tokyo Residents in Kawaguchi-city, Saitama Prefecture

1995 Teikyo Medical Technical College Graduate Acquisition of National Qualification of Judo Redressor
Beginning to learn Kinesio taping from the time of studying abroad.

Enrolled in the Kinesio Taping Association in 2005

2001 Started conditioning & trainer activities of professional fighters' players

In 2006 I will start taping seminar activities, "I would like to tell you how to paste more effective taping than ever".
Lecture for more than 100 people, totaling over 1000 people.
We produce 18 taping instructors nationwide

March 17, 2008 Yamada Osteopathic clinic opened
Opened "One Tape Taping Course" sponsored by Japan Technical Therapy Association

2009 Yomiuri Cultural Center sponsored "Taping lecture anyone can open"

2010 Tokyo Mini Valley Association · Convention Relief Team & Taping Care Activities started

2011 Taping Seminar DVD release (Cairo Basic) Total 7 releases

2013 "Just put the tape! Winning golf" e-book publication
Therapeutic industry magazine 'Warm innovation' column series start (end of 2017)
Hosting "Taping & Instrumentation Course" hosted by Therapist Leaders' College

Inauguration of 2016 Mitness Medical Advisor

Work on sports injuries as a practitioner
A lot of merits

  •  The range of technique as a practitioner and the range of symptoms that can be handled increase
  •  It will be more often to be nominated as a sports trainer
  •  Management is stabilized by influence from sports athletes
  •  It is possible to judge severely whether the effect of your technique is effective and whether the effect of taping is effective or not
  •  You can also feed back techniques that are effective for athletes to those who are doing sports in general

Please see sample videos

Instructor message

Athletes can see their body firmly,I continue looking for a teacher who will manage it.

Please learn this taping technique and help an athlete.
I wish you good luck!

Perfect Taping
-Chapter of Sports Disorders-