The therapy called “Kappo” is the origin of Japanese manual therapy.
Each technique is very effective for us.
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The masterful “Kappo” techniques for Backache

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Welcome to “Kappo” therapy website.
Chiro Basic Inc. has disseminated the manual therapy in Japan.
We would like to contribute to people all over the world by providing our knowledge and experience.
Our vision is to make a society where everyone can receive a high quality treatment.

You can watch the free digest video of 17 masterful “Kappo” techniques for relieving a backache.
This is a special present for you.
Let me explain about “Kappo” therapy.

What is “Kappo” therapy?

It’s a Japanese traditional manual therapy which has been used since Sengoku era, the Age of Civil Wars in Japan.
The origin of “Kappo” is in Japanese Samurai Military art.
Japanese samurai used “Kappo” on the battle field.
Samurai Military art has two important methods. One is “Sappo”, how to kill, and the other is “Kappo”, how to revive, cure or heal.
Now you understand “Kappo” is the opposite technique of “Sappo”.

During Sengoku era, “Sappo” was much more important for samurai than “Kappo”, because they had to fight and kill the enemy on the battle field, but recently we have needed “Kappo” much more to heal or treat our bodies which are badly damaged in our daily life.
“Kappo” was born from the samurai techniques to cure, heal or revive.
Those expertise and skills have been passed down.
We have a lot of manual therapies in the world. As “Kappo” is more than 1,000 years old, it is one of the oldest manual therapies in the world.
We think that “Kappo” is the origin of Japanese manual therapy.

Now in Japan, there are only few experts who succeeded to the techniques of “Kappo”.
Mr. Akito Saikai is one of those successors and has also succeeded it to the next-generation.
He is going to show you “Kappo” in this video.

Akito Saikai

1975 Born in Aomori city, Aomori prefecture
1996 Graduated from Akamon Acupuncture Moxibustion and Judo Therapy technical school Worked for a clinic in Aomori city as a director
2001 Worked for a clinic in Asakusa, Tokyo, as a director
2002 Started to learn “Kappo” therapy
2005 Opened Yoshitami clinic in Shin-Okachimachi, Tokyo
2012 Started the monthly communication seminar for the doctors, the therapists or the staff of clinics
2014 Started “Chiryo-ka Honki-juku Seminar”


The origin of manual therapy

Learning the basics is very important for every therapist.
As “Kappo” is the origin of all, it would be much more useful to master those techniques.

It’s a very old therapy in Japan, so you may feel the historical profoundness in it, and you may feel “Wow, it seems difficult.” or “I can’t do this.”
But you don’t have to worry about it.
Mr. Saikai thinks “If you understand the way, you can do it.”
He will give you instruction on practical skills and explain clearly.
We would like you to learn step by step. So he will mainly show you some basic skills in this video.

“Kappo” = an immediate effectiveness

It's not too much to say that “Kappo” means an immediate effectiveness.
This therapy is very useful to relieve or eliminate patient’s symptoms at a burst.

Why is it possible to cure a patient effectively with “Kappo”?

During Sengoku era, Japanese samurai had to fight against the enemy at the risk of their lives.
That's why they tried to master “Sappo”, how to kill.

If they couldn't keep fighting, it meant defeat, so they had to keep fighting day after day, even if they were injured or sick.
That's why they needed the skill to cure immediately, that is “Kappo”, how to revive.
If it wasn't fast, simple or effective, it didn't make any sense on the battle field.
It was the special technique to cure wounded samurai effectively and immediately.

If you master “Kappo”, it will be your big treasure.
If you cure a patient effectively with only one treatment, he or she will be pleased and satisfied very much.

You may think that if a patient gets very well with only one treatment, he won't come to see you again.
Don't worry about it.

If you cure your patients only once with “Kappo”, they will be surprised and delighted very much, and won't be able to forget you.

You will win their hearts and their implicit trust with only one treatment.

Those patients would talk about you with their family and friends.
The information about you would be spread by word of mouth. A patient may introduce other patients to you.
Your clients are coming again and again, and you can increase the new clients with “Kappo”.

There are so many techniques in “Kappo”, and each of them is amazing.
You must learn how to choose the best technique of them in each case.

We are sure that the technique is wonderful, but if you choose the wrong one for a patient, it doesn't work well. This is the most difficult part.

In the video, Mr. Saikai will tell you not how to choose the technique, but how to add the suitable technique.
He will show you how to cure the patient who has trouble with back pain.
He will introduce you how to add the suitable techniques in the case of Backache1- a low severity level, Backache2- a middle severity level,
and Backache3- a high severity level.

If you understand how to add “Kappo”, you wouldn't get lost on the patient’s body.

One More Attraction

In the video, you can learn the techniques of “Kappo”.
In addition to that, there is one more fascination.

The treatment by Mr. Saikai is held in short time and it’s very expensive.
It costs $100 / 10~15 min.
In spite of that, the repeat rate of his clients is 90%.
It is incredible. Do you believe it?

He has the wonderful skill of the communication with his patient, not to mention that of “Kappo”.

That’s why he has such a surprising repeat rate, even if it’s very expensive.

The technique of “Kappo” is the main part of this video, but we are sure you can enjoy how he communicates with his patient during his treatment.

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